One of the ways users support each other on CPAPtalk is by helping each other understand and interpret the data reports from their xPAP machines and doctors. This article describes how a user can make these documents available to other users.

Making a screen shotEdit

This operation saves the screen image into the clipboard.

  • Make the screen display the image you want in as large a form as possible.
  • Highlight it, i.e. click on the image
  • Hold down the "Alt" key and press the "Print Screen" key (usually in top right corner of keyboard)
Your image is now in the clipbaord, the next step is to move it into a graphics program.
  • Open up a graphics program e.g. Programs/Accessories/Paint
  • Press Edit/Paste
Your image is now in the graphics program, the next step is to save it onto your hard drive
  • Press File/Save As in the graphics program
  • Select a directory you can find again,
  • Give your file a name that you can remember and
  • Choose a file type JPEG,JPG type to save space and be suitable for displaying on the web.
  • Press Save
Your image is now stored on your hard drive in a form suitable for posting.

Moving the image onto a web-serverEdit

  • On the web to a site that provides hosting so that your image can be stored on a webs-server.
There are a number of sites; one is ImageShack
  • Follow instructions from the web-server and load your image up onto the web.
  • Note the address, the http://........ where your image is stored.

Making the information available to users on CPAPtalk.Edit

  • Copy the address of the image (the URL http://.. you copied down from the webserver ) into the text of you message you are composing on CPAPtalk
  • Highlight this text in your message and click the IMG editing button.
This will tell CPAP talk to display your image in the text.
  • Preview and Submit your message in the normal way.

Refs; Thread discussing posting