The Mask is the interface between the xPAP air delivery system and the human body. It transfers air at an increased pressure to the respiratory system through the nasal passages and/or mouth.

Choosing the correct mask can be a difficult process. The aim is to find a mask that is comfortable and that has the correct Mask Leak Rate for the pressure you are using..

Rooster of CPAPTalk suggests that a new person starts with a

  • 1/ Nasal Pillows Mask. During this step, try to figure out if you can keep your mouth shut during the night. If you find that your Mask Leak Rate is high, then try using a
  • 2/ Chin Strap. If it doesn't stop leaks or you can't tolerate wearing it , then try
  • 3/ Taping the mouth shut. If your cheeks pop out and waken you then maybe, as a last resort, use a
  • 4/ Full Face Mask.


Mask Addiction
Mask Cleaning
Rested Gal's use of straps for Nasal Pillow Masks

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